Friends4ever Group has been a dream of 5 friends who have come together to make a difference in sports for the country by adding and providing suitable platforms for the children to make it their way of life or be Fit for Life. Sports has been a very important ingredient in our lives and we wanted each child to have the same opportunity and by providing platforms to compete, having professional and recognised competitions and having a standard education on each sport is the vision of the promoters.

Every sport has its own needs from Nutrition to Sports Physiology and even Sports Medicine.

Our endeavour is to make this available for every child possible.

Friends4ever is India’s leading brand which takes pride in the quality it provides in the Sports, Team Management. Friends4ever have a fortress in the market with an extensive force of variety and diversity. We at friends4ever strive to provide you an opportunity to enhance your sporting experience.

About Sportster

A structured age and skill specific way of teaching and learning with a wholesome impact on Mind, Body and Stamina.


While academic education teaches students the power of reasoning, mental development and vocational specialisation, it is Sportster that inculcates the habit of obedience, discipline, determination to win, will power and also helps maintain physical stamina.

Sportster should be introduced in schools and colleges with complete sincerity. It also justifies the statement, “a sound mind resides only in a sound body”. A healthy and strong body is not possible without sports and physical activities.

About Our Courses.



GoKids-a programme specifically designed for age groups 3-7 which focuses on laying the foundation for basic sport skills. The session plans are built to increase enthusiasm in sports and aid the concept of team work rather than encourage competition. Each session is full of fun filled activities supported by music and props.



GoSportz is a multiple sport offering for kids in the age group of 8-17. From football, cricket, athletics basketball, tennis, volleyball, hockey to indoor games we cater to a large array of sports disciplines. The programme is designed to provide young athletes a chance to experience structure, discipline, goal setting and teamwork.


Fitness Religion

With today’s sedentary regime and the ever-evolving digital world, it is quite easy for kids to fall prey to the unfit nature of a monotonous lifestyle. To break this monotony, we have Fitness Religion a programme which provides aerobics fitness sessions to engage young bodies and minds.


Pro-Team Training

Every child has their unique set of skills and passion for a certain sport. Pro-Team training works towards unveiling their interest and skill by exclusive programs like Pro Football, Pro Cricket, Pro Basketball, Pro Tennis, and Pro Swimming. Since these are specialized programs, they are offered post school hours. The coaching hours are allocated into three levels: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced, depending on the skillset of the child. The sessions of this program are available in schools, private clubs, stadiums, and university grounds.

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