Friends4ever Group has been a dream of 6 friends who have come together to make a difference in sports for the country by adding and providing suitable platforms for the children to make it their way of life or be Fit for Life. Sports has been a very important ingredient in our lives and we wanted each child to have the same opportunity and by providing platforms to compete, having professional and recognised competitions and having a standard education on each sport is the vision of the promoters.

Every sport has its own needs from Nutrition to Sports Physiology and even Sports Medicine.

Our endeavour is to make this available for every child possible.

Friends4ever is India’s leading brand which takes pride in the quality it provides in the Sports, Team Management, and Poker League sector. Friends4ever have a fortress in the market with an extensive force of variety and diversity. We at friends4ever strive to provide you an opportunity to enhance your sporting experience.

Become the Runner-Up of of Poker Sports League Season 1

Although we couldn’t finish on the top, we’re proud of our team’s performance.Mumbai still managed to finish runner-up

This team mentored by Amit Jain looked like the real winner on Day 3 when Amit won the main event and took team to the 2nd place on PSL Day 3 Leaderboard with 439800 points. Although we couldn’t finish on the top, we’re proud of our team’s performance, Mumbai still managed to finish runner-up. In this team, many players impressed with their amazing performances. The key role was played the mentor Amit Jain himself. Among other players who won the hearts included the Wild Card Danish Sheikh, Kartik Ved and Honey Bijalni. Superb show by Danish, as he finished 6th in the main event and shipped a turbo event as well. Kartik Ved and Honey Bijalni won a Turbo Event for the team. Overall, it was a great show by Mumbai team.