Friends4ever Group has been a dream of 5 friends who have come together to make a difference in sports for the country by adding and providing suitable platforms for the children to make it their way of life or be Fit for Life. Sports has been a very important ingredient in our lives and we wanted each child to have the same opportunity and by providing platforms to compete, having professional and recognised competitions and having a standard education on each sport is the vision of the promoters.

Every sport has its own needs from Nutrition to Sports Physiology and even Sports Medicine.

Our endeavour is to make this available for every child possible.

Friends4ever is India’s leading brand which takes pride in the quality it provides in the Sports and Team Management. Friends4ever have a fortress in the market with an extensive force of variety and diversity. We at friends4ever strive to provide you an opportunity to enhance your sporting experience.

About Us

Friends4ever is the parent company and the leading source behind the evolving of Sportster. We have a stronghold in the sports, covering each aspect of a rich experience in every sector it deals with. With an impactful base of employees and a solid set of clientele list, we have achieved milestones in our business in every step and our each progressive step, we endeavor towards a more satisfying and extraordinary experience for our clients.

Who We Are

Our story goes a long way, Friends4ever has taken its shape through a close knitted group of friends who always had a similar outlook and goals in life. It has always been their top most aspiration to start a venture this big and impactful in the marketplace. With their like-minded views and a vision to accomplish the unfathomable, they introduced this magnificent creation into the world and have always since been the driving force behind Friends4ever and each of its businesses success.

Friends4ever was born with a view to embrace the chaos and uncertainty the year 2020 presented. Our common passion for sports, comprehensive collaboration, responsibility and commitment to all sports enthusiasts is what we aim for as an organization. As kids and adults, we have always believed in the Power of Sports and this passion drove us to put forward a long-awaited sporting culture in motion by way of Sport.

What We do

We are a corporation that strives to excel in the Sports Education, Sports Properties, Sports Shopping, and the Sports Team Management sector. With our resilient determination and focus towards the widespread expansion of these services, we guarantee a delightful experience for our valuable patrons.





Our Values

Our vision is to make a prevailing impact in every sector we deal in, to leave a significant reminiscence of Friends4ever in every customer’s mind who has been a part of our company in some or another way. Your contribution towards our success matters to us and we’ll always work towards augmenting our capabilities to reach, engage, and help you with everything that is expected from us.
Our team has widely dedicated its efforts towards fulfilling customer satisfaction. Our mission not only lies between better navigation through convenience and reasonability but also to greater impact in the world by contributing to the growth of society and its people. We strongly preach the famous quote by Horst Schulze: “Unless you have 100% customer satisfaction, you must improve.”


Meet Our Founders.

Mehul Shah

Rishikesh Shah
Dhanesh Chheda

Piyush Makwana
Manish Dholakia
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